Mind Space Labs - Your Partner in Cyber Space

Mind Space Labs is based in Colombo Sri Lanka. Started in 2004, we are a premium Website Designers and website developers as well as experts in Software Engineering in Sri Lanka.

Tailor made Software Solutions as well as well known Enterprise resource planning solutions are installed and maintained for small to large scale multinational business and Government institutions. In other words, we will tailor make solutions which will work for you. The best results can be obtained only after a comprehensive analysis of your business needs. Establishing requirements of infrastructure and procedures to realise objectives - this being our first step towards a relationship with you.

Our products and services range from:

  • » Website Design and Development
  • » E-Bay Store Fronts
  • » Ecommerce Websites
  • » Mobile APPS
  • » Travel Portals
  • » Sugar CRM Solutions ( Customer Relations Manager)
  • » ERP Solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • » Web Based Software Applications and Solutions
  • » Logistics Tracking Solutions
  • » Shipping and Cargo Management Applications
  • » Search Engine Optimisation
  • » Search Engine Marketing
  • » Domain Registrations
  • » Web Hosting
  • » SSL Certification Service
  • » Online Security Management
  • » Ethical Hacking and Security Assessment
  • » Social Media Integration and Marketing
  • » Social Media Content Management
  • » Web Content Management
  • » Project Management
  • » Business Process Re-Engineering

Mind Space Labs WILL SAVE YOU TIME & MONEY !!!

We are committed to offer our customers a real solution to their real world needs. If you have IT problems that limits business or make your organizations ineffective, we can give you swift solutions and obtain results. We are specialist on Online visibility - Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing ( SEO & SEM), we offer Digital Marketing strategies that can bring down your marketing budgets significantly .

We have helped transform international business increase their presence and net revenue. Our experienced team of management and marketing experts, business consultants and engineers allows Mind Space Labs to establish a unique and efficient results-based relationship with every client. As a result our clients tend to work with us again and again satisfied with the results and special care we have brought to their business. Based on an extensive experience in your niche and the proven marketing models we bring to our customers - we have developed the most efficient practices suited for your project and business.

We have only one credo in mind. At the end of the day, only results matter. These results may mean more leads, a better conversion rate or an improved average size order, more online sales. Here at Mind Space Labs we focus only on delivering these results.

The Way We Work

Free Initial Consultation
We will first listen to you, consider your ideas requirements and needs. Based on this we will show you how to provide a real solution to any problems you may have.
Helping you understand how our solutions will not only increase your profits but also decrease your workload.
This is our primary priority in the consultancy stage.

Assign a Dedicated Team
If our solutions are right for your business, within your parameters, then we will move on to the second step. A team formed by a business consultant, analyst and software/web engineer will be assigned to you on the entire length of the project.

They will help you keep the project on the right track, under its budget and timeline, while not loosing focus of your primary objective. From that point, you'll communicate with our team directly. All documentations will be attached and kept as future references. And to help you keep the pulse on the project, without adding any stress on your schedule, every week you'll receive a status report. This report will let you know the progress, difficulties and feedback so far.

websites HTML - PHP - Wordpress and Flash based websites

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cms Web Content Management

Our WCMS (web content management system) allows you to take full control of your online systems. Through it, you can modify, delete or create new content or structures, without requiring any prior programming knowledge...Read more

BPRE Business Process Re-Engineering

As a business owner, it is very easy to get emotionally caught up in the company and stop its actual growth and development. Business Process Re-Engineering exists exactly to avoid that...Read more

software Software Applications

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hosting Website Hosting & eMail Solutions

How are our hosting solutions better than the ones commercially available?
It's all about location and set-up. The right configuration suited especially for your needs can boost your online results dramatically...Read more

Total Integration Total Integration of Applications & Technology

Technology is a non-tangible value unless it does something. And that "something" is almost always represented by an objective, a goal or a need...Read more

PMS Project Management Services

Sometimes is hard to keep things on schedule and within budget. This is even harder if you do not have a trained manager...Read more

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning Integration

The easiest way to make your business grow is to take advantage of all its resources - in a centralized and efficient way...Read more