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Mind Space Labs is a premium provider of web and software solutions for small and medium businesses. Our approach focuses less on the "stock" service or product and more on the specific results you want to achieve with us.In other words, we will tailor make solutions which will work for you. The best results can be obtained only after a comprehensive analysis of your business needs, infrastructure and objectives - this being our first step towards a relationship with you.

Our services range from HTML & Flash websites to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Web Based Software Applications. Ultimate Access and Mind Space Labs were established in 2000 & 2005 respectively. In 2007, both companies collaborated as partners to provide specialized and efficient web solutions to professionals and businesses worldwide. Now, 7 years later our portfolio ranges over 15 industries including finances, health care, sports and investments.



We are committed to offer our customers a real solution to their real world needs. These problems are limiting their business to a glass ceiling, which can render entire organizations ineffective. A few of our client's issues include lack of online visibility, huge marketing costs and inefficient procedures.By solving them we help transform their online marketing, their business and in the end - increase their presence and net revenue.

Our experienced team of management and marketing experts, business consultants and engineers allows Mind Space Labs to establish a unique and efficient results-based relationship with every client. As a result our clients tend to work with us again and again satisfied with the results and special care we have brought to their business.Based on an extensive experience in your niche and the proven marketing models we bring to our customers - we have developed the most efficient practices suited for your project and business.

We have only one credo in mind. At the end of the day, only results matter. These results may mean more leads, a better conversion rate or an improved average size order , more onlne sales. Here at Mind Space Labs we focus only on delivering these results.

Free Initial Consultation

We will first listen to you, consider your ideas requirements and needs. Based on this we will show you how to provide a real solution to any problems you may have. Helping you understand how our solutions will not only increase your profits but also decrease your workload is our primary priority in the consultancy stage.

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The Way We Work

98% of our clients are small business owners and proffetionals from all areas of trade as well as corporations and organizations. Our goal is to help you understand the of the intangible web application solution can bring to the business.

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Assign a Dedicated Team

If our solutions are right for your business, within your parameters, then we will move on to the second step. A team formed by a business consultant, analyst and software/web engineer will be assigned to you on the entire length of the project.

They will help you keep the project on the right track, under its budget and timeline, while not loosing focus of your primary objective. From that point, you'll communicate with our team directly. All documentations will be attached and kept as future references. And to help you keep the pulse on the project, without adding any stress on your schedule, every week you'll receive a status report. This report will let you know the progress, difficulties and feedback so far.