IT Consultancy Services

We are an experienced team of consultants with considerable technical and business experience.

We can assist your requirements from gathering your IT needs to building a web application.

Requirement Gathering

This will relate to individual application building as well as purchasing IT hardware and software off the shelf. Our consultants will speak to your personnel to understand the requirements and provide a report with the appropriate applications/hardware that will meet your needs.

Application Design

Most businesses will require an individual software application to be built, as each business is distinctly different to the other. Our consultants will design the system based on the requirements specified as well as taking the future requirements into consideration.

Web site strategy

We will build your web strategy based on your vision and goals for your company as well as your industry analysis and competitor analysis. The main idea is to create a brand and awareness within the public that will lead to increase in revenue and increase site traffic. Both these factors will increase the value of your company.

Our team can provide you with the necessary compliance reporting where relevant.