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Sugar CRM Solutions ( Customer Relations Manager)

duplicated in plug and play products Customer Relations Management using Sugar CRM Solutions that provides your business with a dynamic and sophisticated technology with a host of services which will enable you to better manage your valued customers

ERP Solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Dynamic Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions that help integrate multiple applications across various platforms. Solutions that help you to smoothly manage business processes, automate backend functions and services.


A comprehensive HR management system to suit all of your business HR needs.

Website Design and Development

We offer professional Website design and development services that include content development, branding, online security, consulting and website development. Our products and services are geared to help increase responsiveness in order to optimise visibility and usability of the site which in turn will facilitate increases in revenue

E-commerce Websites

Tailor made E-commerce Website solutions that help corporate both large and small market its products directly through their websites. We offer the best solutions in website design, development, search engine optimisation and social media integration.

Mobile APPS

Premium Mobile Application software design & development services for across all major platforms such as iOS, Andriod, Windows Mobile.

Travel Portals

Development of dynamic Travel Portals to help you easily facilitate the selling of tour services, hotels, flights and transfers.

Manufacturing and Production Automation

Companywide Software Solutions that are tailor made to automate a company’s Manufacturing and Productions processes. Includes implementations of process improvements, providing real-time information and integrations and automations of business processes.

Retail and Wholesale Web Based Software Applications and Solutions

Web Based Software Applications and Solutions for both the Retail and Wholesale industries that help effectively manage aspects such as operations, distribution, forecasting, inventory management, e-commerce, ERP and a host of other services as a single, comprehensive solution

Cloud based Sales and Distributor Management Solutions

We offer Cloud based Solutions in Distributor Management that include a host of services such as website development, E-Commerce, Sales and Marketing, CRM, Inventory Management, Billing and other services that help companies better manage their sales & distributors

Logistics Tracking Solutions

A centralized Logistics Tracking Solution that enables you to track and manage your company’s assets and products in one comprehensive solution. We offer solutions that help your employees communicate, schedule, track and route products and/services in real-time

Shipping and Cargo Management Applications

A comprehensive Shipping and Cargo Management Application that allows your employees to handle all transactions in the delivery aspect of your business. An automated solutions that includes services such as tracking, receiving, inventory management, stock keeping and invoicing.

Class Scheduling and Institute Management System

While the Class Scheduling System will be beneficial to both students and staff members as it will give both parties visibility to class schedules, subjects offered, subject times, online confirmation and payment options, it will also be a fast and safe way to manage day to day tasks run by the institute.

Professional Cleaning Service Software

This Software for companies’ providing Professional cleaning Services, helps manage your logistics, staff, equipment and customer requests by providing you an timely and organized scheduler

Event Ticketing System

Allows users to book, reserve and pay for the event of their choice, in the location of their choice at the preferred date and time. The Event Ticket Booking System will eliminate and last minute hassle and save time.

E-Commerce Reporting and Store Management System

The E-Commerce Reporting Software will help accurately gather data on how well your website is performing. It will track and report data on sales, profitable merchandise, customer activity and feedback and provide real time date on how customers interact with your site. The Store Management System will in turn help track logistics, stocks, pricing, invoicing and a host of other services.

Catering System

This Catering System software will help companies or individuals in the catering business manage customer inquiries, order booking and confirmations, invoicing and payments as well as dispatch and delivery confirmations. It will be a one stop shop for customers to view products and services offered by the business.

Equipment Rental Software

This Equipment Rental Software allows users to preview a host of available equipment, their locations, listed pricings, availability along with an image databank. It will facilitate online reservation, confirmations, bookings and payments in a safe and easy manner.

Food Delivery Management Software

Ideal for individuals or companies involved in working with multiple restaurants for food delivery, or have their own restaurant and wish to provide a delivery service. The Food Delivery Management Software will monitor and track from order confirmation to delivery.

Fundraising Management Software

Fundraising Management Software is and easy and safe method to collect, track and monitor funds.

Online Examination System

The system will help create and set up online examinations. It is a fast and easy solution to help facilitate examinations, conduct grading and data collection. It can also be useful in helping to provide instant results and feedback to the participant.

Online Poll Management Systems

This web based Poll Management System will help create and set up online polls. It is a fast and easy solution to help facilitate polls, data collection and analysis. It can also be useful in helping to provide instant results and feedback to the participant

Online Survey Systems

This online Survey System will help create and set up web based surveys. It is a fast and easy solution to help facilitate surveys, data collection and analysis. It can also be useful in helping to provide instant results and feedback to the participant.

Invoice / Quotations Manager

A one-stop system that allows users to manage inquiries, send out and receive quotations and create and track invoices. The Invoice/Quotations Manager software will help manage customers, customer inquiries, run statements and reports and automate your invoicing and billing.